Sunday, March 01, 2015

Hamilton Co. GOP Leadership Epitomizes All That's Wrong With The Republican Party

The Indianapolis Star's Chris Sikich has a good story this weekend, "In Hamilton County, GOP party leaders accused of playing favorites," about the complaints real Republicans have with the self-dealers who run the Hamilton Co. Republican Party. One gets the impression reading the story the problems complained of in this story are isolated to Hamilton Co., but in actuality it's a mere microcosm of what the party has become statewide and nationally, and for that matter, what the Democratic Party has become from top to bottom.

The Hamilton Co. Republican Party's Chairman is Pete Emigh, who is an independent broker for One America. By no coincidence, Emigh manages retirement accounts for the city employees of Carmel, Nobelesville and Westfield, which have a combined value of $70 million. All three mayors, of course, say their decision to hire Emigh had nothing to do with his party leadership position. Since 2009, Emigh has run a independent political action committee known as Shamrock PAC, which isn't shy about picking favored candidates in Republican primary election to support. The Hamilton Co. GOP's executive director, Andy Greider, often serves a dual role as campaign manager for Republican candidates involved in heated primary races.

Emigh, a Westfield native, was instrumental in the election of Westfield's current Mayor Andy Cook, who has been emulating Carmel Mayor Jim Brainard's crony capitalism model for growing his city in a fast and furious manner since his election. In Cook's narrow 62-vote win over Russell Cameron, Emigh's PAC kicked in about $44,500 to Cook's campaign according to Sikich's story. Cameron opposed Cook's crony capitalism that used taxpayer dollars to favor the private development activities of Cook's campaign contributors. Cameron raised raised more than $5,000 to challenge Cook in the close election.

In this year's election, Mayor Cook is opposed in the Republican primary by Jeff Harpe. Harpe tells Sikich that he thinks the Hamilton Co. GOP leadership is too connected to developers who benefit from the crony capitalism and plans to beat Cook through a grassroots campaign that attempts to connect to voters directly. Harpe has been particularly critical of Cook's plan to pay Holladay Properties $53 million over 25 years for an indoor soccer facility at Grand Park. He filed a lawsuit seeking to block the deal because city council members conducted meetings in secret that should have been publicly-noticed and heard before going to the full council for a vote.

Prior to last year's first municipal election as it transitioned from a town council to a city, the Hamilton Co. Treasurer Pete Peterson and Greider formed Royal Tiger PAC, which funded all but one of the winning candidates in the election. Fishers' new mayor, Scott Fadness, champions the use of tax increment financing as a form of economic development and turned to Greider to serve as his campaign manager. Greider also has been paid to work for Carmel's Mayor Brainard in primary elections. Brainard's primary opponent, Rick Sharp, thinks Greider should take a leave of absence from his work as the party's executive director if he's going to support candidates in primary elections.

Mayor Brainard defended Emigh's and Greider's involvement in primary elections. "The parties have an interest in making sure the primary nominees can win in the fall," Brainard said. "In this day of low-cost email and Internet communication, a small group can influence the primary and the parties need to make sure the voters are getting accurate information. "If a fringe candidate is nominated, the party can lose in the fall." In other words, unless you support crony capitalism, you are a fringe candidate. Brainard's suggestion that such a candidate would lose to a Democrat in the general election is laughable. Hamilton County is a one-party county where the primary election determines the outcome of an election.

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Rand Paul Wins CPAC Presidential Straw Poll Again

Sen. Rand Paul was the choice of about 3,000 conservative activists in attendance at this year's Conservative Political Action Conference in Washington. He led the field  in a straw poll of potential candidates for the 2016 presidential nomination with 25.7% followed by Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, who polled a close second at 21.4%. Sen. Ted Cruz was a distant third with 11.5%. Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush got edged out by political novice Ben Carson for fourth place. Carson had 11.4% to Bush's 8.3%. All other potential candidates, including Chris Christie, Marco Rubio and Mike Pence polled less than 5% of the vote.

First Circuit Court of Appeals Refuses To Move Boston Bombing Trial

Having long ago concluded that our own government was behind the staged bombings at the Boston Marathon in April 2013 as one of a long line of false flags perpetrated on the American people, I never really expected the only surviving person framed by the federal government as being responsible for the crime to get a fair trial. The federal trial of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev has been assigned to Judge George O'Toole, a Clinton appointee, in Boston's federal district court. If Tsarnaev is found guilty of the charges, he potentially faces the death penalty.

Judge O'Toole has on three separate occasions turned down a request by Tsarnaev's attorneys for a change of venue due to the obvious reason he can't get a fair trial in Boston. The First Circuit Court of Appeals for the second time yesterday sided with Judge O'Toole in denying a change of venue. Seriously, an Indianapolis judge grants the Richmond Hills subdivision explosion defendants a change of venue, a much smaller event in a major city, but the 24x7 media coverage of the Boston Marathon bombings that resulted in a complete lockdown of the city while police conducted searches door-to-door for the accused without a warrant doesn't qualify for a change of venue? Please. The three-judge panel's decision was rendered by Chief Judge Sandra Lynch, a Wellesley classmate of Hillary Clinton who was appointed to the bench by Bill Clinton and Judge Jeffrey Howard, an appointee of George W. Bush.

In both decisions, Judge Juan Torruella, a Reagan appointee, has offered sharp dissenting opinions in which he makes the case for moving the case out of Boston. The following is a summation of the background facts Judge Torruella made in his dissenting opinion:
On April 15, 2013, two bombs exploded near the finish line of the Boston Marathon on Boylston Street in downtown Boston. Three people were killed and approximately 264 others were injured. Countless others ran from the scene in terror. Over the next four days, a massive manhunt for those responsible ensued. On the third day, April 18, authorities released video surveillance and photos of the suspects: Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev. That night, while the brothers were trying to flee Boston, they allegedly carjacked an SUV and killed an MIT police officer. In a subsequent shootout with police, Tamerlan Tsarnaev was seriously injured. Dzhokhar Tsarnaev (hereinafter, "Tsarnaev") was able to temporarily escape, in part by allegedly driving over his brother.
Finally, on April 19, the search had narrowed to the Boston suburb of Watertown. In an unprecedented move, authorities called for a "shelter-in-place" advisory, effectively placing the city in lockdown: residents in Watertown and the surrounding areas -- Boston proper, Cambridge, Newton, Belmont, and Waltham -- were ordered not to leave their homes. The T (Boston's public transportation system) was shut down, as were most businesses and public offices. While residents were confined to their homes, FBI agents, local police officers, and SWAT team members went door-todoor in a twenty-block radius of Watertown searching for Tsarnaev. Hours later, he was found hiding in a boat in a resident's backyard. Tsarnaev was bloodied from a firefight with authorities and had written a note on the boat claiming that "[w]hen you attack one Muslim, you attack all Muslims" and that the Marathon victims were collateral damage. Immediately upon his arrest, Boston Mayor Thomas Menino tweeted "We got him"; the Boston Police Department tweeted "CAPTURED!!! The hunt is over. The search is done. The terror is over. And justice has won." Meanwhile, Watertown residents "flooded the streets, cheering every passing police car and armored vehicle in an impromptu parade" and residents "danced in the streets outside Fenway Park.  
Most -- if not all -- of this four-day ordeal was shown live on television and reported real-time on the internet . . .  
The reporting focused not only on Tsarnaev, but on the city as a whole. Coverage included stories of the victims and their family and friends, those who bravely risked their lives to help the victims, and how the entire community came together. This phenomenon and sentiment were embodied in the "Boston Strong" campaign which "rallied a city," became "shorthand for defiance, solidarity, and caring," and "present[ed] a unified front in the face of [a] threat." Indeed, one could not go anywhere in Boston in the bombing's aftermath without seeing the slogan on a car, tshirt, bracelet, tattoo, or even mowed into the outfield of Fenway Park. It spurred concerts, fundraisers, and rallies throughout the city. A website,, was also formed "with the purpose of helping those most affected by the tragic Boston Marathon bombings" by raising money and providing a forum to "gather[] encouraging stories of strength, recovery, and hope from survivors."
These stories and the "Boston Strong" campaign continue to this day, almost two years later . . . 
Unfortunately, Judge Torruella botched the facts. He asserts Tsarnaev was bloodied from a firefight with authorities when he was found hiding in a boat in a resident's backyard. That is the false narrative initially put out by the government. In fact, Tsarnaev was unarmed at the time and was unable to return any fire as authorities repeatedly fired on him and launched flash bangs into the boat. The story about him writing a note in his own blood on the side of the boat has always been suspect to anyone with a modicum of discernment. Dzhokhar was likely not intended to survive his injuries to face a trial like his brother, who turned up dead after a supposed shootout with police despite video evidence he was captured by police alive, forced to strip naked, handcuffed and put in the back of a police car. The brothers' friends have been threatened and prosecuted by federal agents on trumped up charges or kicked out of the country to prevent them from testifying at Tsarnaev's trial. In the case of one friend, Ibragim Todashev, he was executed by an FBI agent during an unlawful interrogation that ran on for hours without the presence of his attorney while federal agents were trying to coerce his confession for participating in an unrelated triple homicide with the Tsarnaev brothers, a case federal agents now admit they have no evidence tying Todashev or the Tsarnaev brothers.

Judge Torruella next went to great length to demonstrate just how badly the jury pool had been tainted, enumerating a number of the many biased statements made by the jurors while answering questions to the court. Among those were the following:
  • "[H]ow could I possibly find the defendant not guilty with all the news information. I have trouble accepting him getting housing & living assistance from the state of MA, education without paying, taking the oath of citizenship and then committing crimes against innocent everyday people who are also citizens of USA. Not to mention taxpayers['] $$$" 
  • "He does not deserve a trial." 
  • "Caught redhanded should not waste the $ on the trial." 
  • "[T]hey shouldn't waste the bulits [sic] or poison; hang them." 
  • "[W]e all know he's guilty so quit wasting everybody's time with a jury and string him up."
  • "You don't [sic] want to know [what I thought when I received my summons]! I have close friends that work the emergency room at MA General! What I really thought? We give you home, money eduat [sic] & this is how you pay us back? I'm sorry I'm all for the death penity [sic] on this -- my friends still have nightmare [sic] of that day!" " 
  • "My husband and I watched the events on TV [live], including lockdown and capture -- it was very upsetting, traumatizing, made you feel not safe in your own 'back yard.'"
Bear in mind that any potential juror who stated in their jury questionnaire they don't believe in the death penalty is summarily dismissed from the pool of potential jurors so the pool of jurors is limited to those persons who believe in the death penalty as a form of criminal punishment. That gives the prosecution a big advantage right out of the starting gate, let only the influence the jury pool already had from the saturated media coverage pointing to Tsarnaev's guilt. If you doubt the media bias, check out this YouTube clip of journalists in Boston recently discussing Tsarnaev's trial wherein they debate whether the media should even put on a facade of partiality respecting Tsarnaev's presumed innocence until proven guilty.
Judge Torruella sums up why Tsarnaev cannot get a fair trial in Boston and what that portends for the American judicial system.
The press coverage of this case -- beginning with the bombing itself and the subsequent manhunt culminating with the shelter-in-place order, continuing thereafter with stories of the victims, Boston's coming together and healing as one united city, and the coverage of the pretrial events -- is unparalleled in American legal history. Given the impact of the bombing and subsequent press coverage on the entire city, it is absurd to suggest that Tsarnaev will receive a fair and impartial trial in the Eastern Division of the District of Massachusetts. There is no sound basis for refusing to apply a presumption of prejudice to a high-profile, omnipresent, emotionally-charged case like this -- particularly where the entire Boston community has been terrorized, victimized, and brutalized by such a horrendous act of violence. No amount of voir dire can overcome this pervasive prejudice, no matter how carefully it is conducted.
The whole world is watching to see how the American legal system treats Tsarnaev, even if he is allegedly the most dreadful of defendants. Every move taken is scrutinized to see if the bedrock American rights of "innocent until proven guilty" and the "right to a fair trial by an impartial jury" are given to a foreign-born defendant accused of terrorism -- among the most heinous of crimes. Unfortunately, both the district court and majority fail to uphold these rights, and this failure damages the credibility of the American judicial system.
A lot of people scoff at the notion that these events are planned out in advance for the specific purpose of convincing Americans to submit to a form of government absent the founding principles embodied in the Bill of Rights for the sake of national security. Seth MacFarlane's "Family Guy" seems to rub in our faces too often what is taking place in plain sight. I think Betsy McGee's YouTube video explaining how his animated cartoon is used as a form of predictive programming is hard to ignore, particularly the episode which ran less than a month prior to the Boston Marathon bombings that accurately predicted every key element of that false flag event--right down to the accused Muslim terrorist who befriends Peter Griffin getting a fair trial after he's captured by authorities. Listen closely as Peter asks his friend, Joe, the wheel chair-bound police officer, whether he will get a fair trial.

By the way, the Family Guy also predicted in 2009 Bruce Jenner's sex change. Don't miss Peter Griffin's line at the end of the clip telling American soldiers not to forget what they're all fighting for.

Pence Tells CPAC We Need Dramatic Increase In Defense Spending

Addressing the Conservative Political Action Committee in Washington last night, Pence told the crowd we need to dramatically increase defense spending according to our Gannett newspaper's Washington correspondent. "Weakness arouses evil," Pence said. Other memes included: "put[ting] the promise of federalism and state-based reform back at the center of the conservative agenda . . . empower[ing] the states with renewed flexibility to develop positive, substantive alternatives grounded in our conservative principles . . . and fight[ing] to make it more possible for the next person leading my state to govern with more freedom and flexibility."

Only a tool of the military/industrial complex would be calling for a dramatic increase in defense spending after we've just spent trillions of dollars on wars in the Middle East totally concocted by the most evil forces brought about by our nation's massive spending on defense following 9/11. You can't embrace freedom in the same breath as you claim you want more spending on the very industries that are holding hands to erect the largest, most intrusive military-run government known to mankind that is squeezing the life out of the middle class of this country, and that is setting fire to what little remains of the Bill of Rights. And what does Pence want more freedom and flexibility as a governor to do? The ability to take more of our tax dollars and direct them to his political cronies and campaign contributors. No thanks, Mr. Pence. You don't know the meaning of conservatism.

Check out Ben Swann's latest video on the origins of ISIS, the latest faux enemy created by this military/industrial complex Gov. Pence wants to feed more of our tax dollars as the American middle class teeters on extinction.

Friday, February 27, 2015

Chief Hite Does About Face On Detective's Work On Cold Case

Yesterday, news emerged that IMPD brass yanked Sgt. William Carter from work on the cold case murder investigation of Carmen Van Huss in 1993 after it learned he set up a page to raise money for a DNA test the department said there was no money to pay. Within hours, enough money had been raised to pay for the test, but Chief Rick Hite yanked him off the case. That news angered the family of Van Huss. "He said (the order) came from his chief," said Jimmy Van Huss, who was 15 when his sister was killed. "If Carter's off the case, the case is over. She's been dead for 22 years."

By this evening, Chief Hite was singing a different tune at a hastily called press conference. "Sometimes people assume things they hear," Hite was quoted by the Indianapolis Star as saying. "I can tell you that the (deputy) chief never brought that to my attention, that he wanted to remove anyone." The Star continued, "But Hite said Friday that he did not know why the family believed that Carter had been pulled off their relative's investigation." "Pressed further, Hite said Carter may have been told to 'temporarily' cease investigating while officials came together 'to talk about where we are in the investigation.'"

Sgt. Carter typically works on the Nuisance ad Abatement Unit, but he's been volunteering time working on cold case investigations since 2013. IMPD told the Star and other media yesterday that Carter had been pulled from the case after he set up the Gofundme page to pay for the DNA test, and that the case had been reassigned to Sgt. Dave Ellison. "When asked whether Carter was still being allowed to work on the case," Maj. Chris Bailey told the Star, "He probably shouldn't be. It should be a case for the investigator." "We just want to make sure that people stay in their lanes," Bailey said. "We have cold case investigators, and we want to let them do their job."

Speaking of people staying in their lanes, Advance Indiana heard an interesting tale about that certain high-ranking police officer having another affair with a female police officer--the same one involved in the cover up of that captain who allegedly impersonated another police officer after a citizen spotted him driving his police car erratically down the street while under the influence of alcohol. It seems the lady officer had to leave the superior officer's home on short notice when word came the wife was on the way home. Backing out of the drive, the officer struck an object and tore the side mirror off her police car. Advance Indiana is told the incident was reported by the officer as a hit-and-run by a car traveling in the opposite direction. A crash scene investigator was a bit perplexed given his conclusion the mirror was struck from the opposite direction. Whoops.

Rahm's Re-Election Nightmare: Chicago's Bond Rating Lowered Just Two Clicks Above Junk Bond Status

This cannot be good news as Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel faces a run-off election with Cook Co. Commissioner Jesus "Chuy" Garcia on April 7. Moody's Investor Service downgraded the city's bond rating to Baa2 with a negative outlook because of the city's inability to rein in the soaring cost of its workers' pensions. Emanuel's office is pointing to the fact that two other rating agencies, Standards & Poor and Fitch, affirmed the city's credit rating; however, S&P warned it still might lower its rating more than one notch. Some recent pension reforms undertaken by the city face legal challenges in the court, and the credit agency is weary of more than $550 million in additional pension payments the city will be forced to make starting in 2016. His opponent quickly seized on the news as evidence of his "lack of fiscal stewardship."

Former State Senator Sue Landske Dies

Just saw this note from Suzy Barnhart on Facebook on the passing of former State Sen. Sue Landske (R-Cedar Lake):
It's been a very sad morning to learn of the home going of former Sen Sue Landske. She was kind, helpful yet strong, smart and a TRUE public servant. Her home community of Cedar Lake had a nice, well attended Appreciation Dinner for her last year attended by Republicans and Democrats alike. 
She was a good political friend to my son & I early on. In the years my son paged for Sen Brandt Hershman, she would come & ask how I was doing. She would then pull a Indiana flag pin out and place it on his shirt or suit jacket. 
Many visits at the State House I would bring her a jar of my homemade jam and we would sit in her office and talk politics for a little bit. It became a tradition of ours. Her favorite was my homemade strawberry or pear honey jam. I don't know if I looked forward to the visit more or if she looked forward to my homemade jam more. 
She will be sorely missed!
The Northwest Indiana Times has more here.

Missouri State Auditor, Gubernatorial Candidate Takes Life

Schweich and home
The Missouri 2016 Republican gubernatorial race took a sad twist when the leading candidate, State Auditor Tom Schweich, took his own life yesterday by self-inflicted gunshot to the head. Schweich had called reporters for the Associated Press and the St. Louis Post-Dispatch to come to a press conference at his home in Clayton, Missouri yesterday morning shortly before he took his life. Schweich, a highly-regarded politician known for fighting corruption, was reported to be upset about a Republican political consultant and incoming state GOP leader raising his Jewish ancestry in a way he viewed as anti-Semitic and planned to address that issue at the afternoon press conference with the two reporters. From the St. Louis Post-Dispatch:
“What we know at this point suggests an apparent suicide,” Clayton Police Chief Kevin Murphy told reporters in a news conference Thursday afternoon. He said there was “nothing to support anything other than that at this point,” and said Schweich died from a single gunshot wound . . .
Earlier in the day, a police source told the Post-Dispatch that Schweich’s wife was in another room of their house when she heard her husband making phone calls, followed by a gunshot. Schweich had been shot in the head, the source said.
A 911 call was made from Schweich’s home at 9:48 a.m., seven minutes after Schweich had left a voicemail requesting an interview with a Post-Dispatch reporter.
Schweich was taken to Barnes-Jewish Hospital where he was pronounced dead, Murphy said.
Schweich, 54, had a cadre of mentors and supporters in his gubernatorial run that included former U.S. Sens. John Danforth and Jim Talent, both Missouri Republicans, and friend and wealthy campaign contributor Sam Fox, the former U.S. ambassador to Belgium. “I was never so surprised in my entire life to find out this happened,” Fox told the Post-Dispatch Thursday. “This guy was brilliant. This guy was unique. He had so much talent.”
Fox said he had scheduled a fundraiser at his house for Schweich. “He was raising money,” Fox said. “The money was pouring in.”
He said Schweich had not expressed any signs of personal or professional turmoil.
“None whatsoever,” Fox said. “Not to me nor to any friends that I’m aware.” . . . 
On Tuesday morning, Schweich confided in Post-Dispatch Editorial Page Editor Tony Messenger that he believed that John Hancock, the newly elected chairman of the Missouri Republican Party, had spread disinformation about Schweich’s religion. That topic was what Schweich wanted to discuss with reporters for the Post-Dispatch and the Associated Press Thursday.
In several conversations via text and phone in the days leading up to Thursday morning, Schweich told Messenger that Hancock mentioned to people in passing that Schweich was Jewish. Schweich wasn’t Jewish. He was a member of the Church of St. Michael & St. George, an Episcopal congregation in Clayton.
Schweich told Messenger he believed the mentions of his faith heritage were intended to harm him politically in a gubernatorial primary in which many Republican voters are evangelical Christians. He said his grandfather was Jewish, and that he was “very proud of his connection to the Jewish faith.”
“He said his grandfather taught him to never allow any anti-Semitism go unpunished, no matter how slight,” Messenger said in a written statement . . . 

Fort Wayne Mayoral Candidate Mitch Harper Cites Overly-Generous Tax Abatement For School Funding Woes

It's refreshing to hear more straight talk from a politician about why some of our schools are really struggling to pay for the cost of educating our state's children. Fort Wayne mayoral candidate Mitch Harper says tax abatements have contributed to the problem in spite of a reporter for a local TV station insisting that property tax caps are to blame.
This all stems from the state constitutional amendment that put a cap on the property taxes you pay.
Republican city councilman and Fort Wayne mayoral candidate Mitch Harper says the city and county have been so eager to attract businesses that they've granted too many tax abatements.
That means those properties can't be taxed, which means less available money for schools.
"We're rapidly approaching in Allen County in terms of tax abatements nearly a half billion dollars' worth of assessed valuation that's not being made available for assessed valuation," Harper says.
He says his mayoral campaign will include putting more controls in place for new tax abatements.
"One of the great victories we've had over the past year is actually being a little more vigorous in auditing that companies that have applied for tax abatements in the past have carried out what they've said they were going to do," he says.
The reporter also talks about legislation being offered by State Sen. Liz Brown (R-Fort Wayne), which would allow Fort Wayne schools to tap TIF funds to help pay for school transportation costs. "One of freshman Republican State Senator Liz Brown's bills would provide additional funding for Fort Wayne Community School bus service, " the report says. "The money would come from property taxes collected in certain economic development areas called TIF districts." "Brown says she knows it's not a perfect solution, and hopes new legislation next session could provide a more permanent revenue source for schools."

High-Flying Illinois Congressman's Days Numbered

Aaron Schock is pictured. | Getty
This Aaron Schock character from Peoria, Illinois has demonstrated to me the corrupting influence of our nation's capital embracing the Kardashian Culture. The attractive and buff 33-year old congressman had become the darling of the Washington media, which found any excuse to show us pictures of the well-dressed politician who seems to have always been more about form over substance, including shirtless pictures to show us just how buff and beautiful he is. After building up the show horse into mega celebrity status, the powers that be have now decided to throw him under the bus. It began with a report about him lavishly decorating his Capitol Hill office inspired by the "Downton Abbey" British television series, which led to an ethics complaint being filed against him.

That was followed by an Associated Press report questioning hundreds of thousands of dollars on questionable expenses he made using his congressional budget and campaign account for travel and entertainment charges. The AP pieced together Schock's travel itinerary by tracking the frequent Instagram photos he uploaded to the Internet to keep his fans and followers up to do date on his globetrotting. There was a lot of flights on private planes of corporate donors, concert tickets for him and his staff to a Katy Perry concert and even a large tab at a massage parlor. Whoa!

Today, Politico reports that Schock, who is single, took one of his male congressional staffers rumored to be more than that along with him on a trip to London in 2011 that included stops at Windsor Castle, Buckingham Palace and a swank nightclub but failed to report any gifts on his financial disclosure form. Schock supposedly made the trip as the guest of a friend who was invited by the Prince of Wales Foundation to attend several elaborate dinners in London, including dinner with Prince Charles and Camilla. Guests received customized china as a gift at the end of the affair. Congressmen supposedly aren't allowed to accept gifts valued at more than $50, including food and beverage. The Prince of Wales Foundation head declined to say who invited Schock to come along to the ritzy affair as a guest. Last September, he hosted a fundraiser at a private golf course in Maryland owned by a wealthy political supporter but never reported any expenses for hosting the fundraiser. The fundraiser raised $125,000. The owner of the golf course is William Stone, who owns SS&C, a computer software company. Stone contributed $50,000 to Schock's PAC shortly after the fundraiser.

Schock has reportedly hired two high-profile attorneys in Washington to conduct an internal investigation of his office expenditures and campaign expenditures, as well as defend him in a potential ethics investigation. So how is it playing in Peoria where Schock has been very popular? If the local newspaper is any indication, not good. The stories have been front-page fodder as of late. A story in today's Peoria Journal-Star talks about him being mentioned on the Daily Show but not in a good way. I have a feeling this guy isn't going to survive his two-year term to which he just go re-elected last fall. The best defense Schrock can muster up, "Haters are going to hate." Yeah, gotcha.

UPDATE: More bad news for Schock. The AP reports Schock reimbursed the government $40,000 for re-decorating costs for his Capitol Hill office. Actually, his interior designer, Annie Brahler of EuroTrash, reimbursed the government for fees she had already been paid as of December 31, 2014, and Schock repaid her out of his persona account. Schock's office originally told reporters the designer had donated the services for free.