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Marion County Board of Voter Registration Records Raise Residency Concerns About Republican Mayoral Candidate

An analysis of public records regarding Indianapolis Republican mayoral candidate and political newcomer Chuck Brewer raises serious questions about the candidate's honesty in completing his application to register to vote and documentation he filed with the Marion County Board of Elections last year when he originally planned to seek a seat on the Indianapolis City-County Council in the newly-drawn District 23 on the city's south side in Perry Township.

Brewer initially filed paperwork to open up a campaign committee to run for the District 23 seat on December 30 listing an address in Perry Township just two weeks before he changed his mind and decided to run for mayor instead after Marion Co. Republicans struggled to find a viable candidate to slate at its party convention scheduled to take place tomorrow. Party leaders immediately anointed Brewer as its candidate after conducting little or no due diligence. He is running unopposed at the slating session, although other candidates have filed to run in the May primary, including Deputy Mayor Olgen Williams, Jocelyn-Tandy Adande, Terry Michael and Darrell Morris.

According to his own public statements, Brewer said he moved to Indianapolis in 2011 from Chicago after leaving a corporate job with Sears Holdings Corp. in suburban Hoffman Estates where had worked his way up to the position of a division vice-president. Brewer, a Lt. Colonel in the Marines and Iraq combat veteran with two tours of duty under his belt, said he chose to move to Indianapolis to launch a new Potbelly Sandwich store on Monument Circle, the first of several he planned to open in the area. Brewer never opened any other Potbelly franchise stores, but he did open his own concept restaurant around the corner from his Potbelly restaurant, Soupremacy, which is located on East Market Street.

According to records Advance Indiana obtained from the Board of Voter Registrations ("BVR"), Brewer filed his first voter registration application listing a luxury condominium in the Athletic Club, which is located at 350 N. Meridian Street, as his residence. In the space provided on the application for "Previous Voter Registration Address," Brewer left the space blank, suggesting he had not previously registered to vote anywhere else in Marion County or his previous residence in Chicago. The box next to "New Registration" is marked, indicating it was the first time he registered to vote in Marion County. The BVR redacted the date Brewer signed and filed his new voter registration application despite a state law making that information a public record. The state's Public Access Counselor in an opinion issued a little more than two months ago in response to a similar public records request, which Advance Indiana made to the BVR and which was denied, admonished the agency that it was misapplying the state's law and a resolution adopted by the Marion Co. Board of Elections regarding public records requests for information regarding individual voters.

According to property tax records on file with the Marion Co. Assessor's Office, Brewer recorded the purchase of Unit #607 in the Athletic Club on August 19, 2011, which is consistent with Brewer's public statements about the time frame during which he moved to Indianapolis. That is also consistent with the exclusive interview Advance Indiana had with Brewer's former general manager of his Potbelly restaurant, Sarah Hoyt, who said her former boss lived in a condominium downtown on Meridian Street only blocks from the restaurant. The assessor's records also show that Brewer claimed a homestead exemption on Unit #607 in each of the tax years from 2012 to 2014, indicating that was his principal residence.

Nonetheless, Brewer filed paperwork with the Marion Co. Election Board on June 30, 2014 to form an exploratory committee to run for the Indianapolis City-County Council in District 23. He listed his address as 623 Slate Drive, Apartment #B, Indianapolis, which is located at an apartment complex in Perry Township. Similarly, when he filed an updated report on December 31, 2014 to formally open his campaign committee to run in District 23, he listed that same address. A second voter registration form Brewer completed with the BVR, however, stated he was changing his address to the 623 Slate Drive, Apt. #B address from another apartment in Perry Township, which he claimed as his previous registered voting address, which was listed as 1452 Dakota Ridge Drive with the apartment number missing. Brewer's application has a check mark listed in the box marked "Address Change." Once again, the BVR redacted the date Brewer submitted the change of address information in violation of the state's access to public records law. The BVR provided no change of address form Brewer submitted changing his voting address from the 350 N. Meridian address to the 1452 Dakota Ridge Drive address, although that information was within the scope of my public records request.

The BVR denied Advance Indiana's request for Brewer's voting history in Marion County, which would indicate which primary, general and municipal elections he has participated since becoming a registered voter in Indianapolis, yet another violation of the state's public records law. Advance Indiana made a written appeal to the Marion Co. Board of Elections today to furnish the information on Brewer's voting registration and voting history illegally being withheld by the BVR. The BVR claims it cannot disclose any information contained in the state's Statewide Voter Registration System ("SVRS"), even though that information is provided in bulk to the Democratic, Republican and Libertarian Parties, as well as the state's four legislative leaders, to use for campaign purposes. The state's Election Division requires requests for individual voter information to be made at the county election authority where the voter is registered to vote. Its counsel agrees that individual voting history records are public records, as well as the voter registration information.

Why the BVR continues to defy the state's public records law after being admonished by the state's Public Access Counselor to comply with it is beyond me. The BVR is following the advice of the City's corporation counsel's office and not the advice of the Marion Co. Election's Board's counsel, who is well-versed on the state's election law. The author of the current state law, State Rep. Kathy Richardson, who also serves as the Hamilton County election's chief, concurs with the Public Access Counselor's opinion. Incredibly, the corporation counsel's office claims other counties, unlike Marion County, don't abide by state election laws.

Brewer has not yet filed a statement of organization or declaration of candidacy for his mayoral bid so it remains to be seen what registered voting address he lists on those forms. Interestingly, Advance Indiana's research uncovered an ordinance violation complaint filed against Brewer on June 27, 2014 for conducting outdoor sales without a license. A notice of the violation was served on Brewer at 1452 Dakota Ridge Drive, Apt. #A, the same apartment complex where Brewer indicated on his change of voter registration card he had previously been registered to vote before changing it to the 623 Slate Drive, Apt. # B address. A court entry dated November 20, 2014 indicates an attempt to serve a summons on Brewer at the Dakota Ridge Drive apartment was returned as undeliverable. On December 29, 2014, a prosecutor from the city's corporation counsel's office, Michael Clifford, moved to dismiss the ordinance violation against Brewer, and an order was signed that same day.

It is not disputed that Brewer satisfies the two-year residency requirement to run for Indianapolis mayor; however, there are serious questions about the accuracy of the information Brewer completed on voter registration forms filed with the BVR when he listed two separate addresses at apartment complexes in Perry Township instead of his Athletic Club condominium, which he claims as his principal residence for purposes of paying his property taxes. It gives the appearance Brewer only used a Perry Township voter residence for convenience in order to run for council in District 23 when the evidence suggests he lives far away from that district in his downtown condominium. The voter registration forms completed by Brewer contain a disclaimer stating "All the the above information and all other statements on this form are true," and "I understand that if I sign this statement knowing that it is not true I am committing perjury and can be fined up to $10,000, jailed for up to three years or both." Suffice it to say, Mr. Brewer has some explaining to do.

Shortly after Brewer dropped his bid for the District 23 council seat, Scott Kreider, an attorney with the Indianapolis law firm of Alerding Castor Hewitt, announced his intentions to seek the District 23 seat. He is running unopposed at the Marion Co. GOP slating convention tomorrow. Kreider's law firm offices are located in the Keystone Group building at 47 S. Pennsylvania Street, the same building where the Marion Co. GOP headquarters is located. The building is also the headquarters for Keystone Construction and Indy Eleven, businesses owned by the shadowy Turkish immigrant, Ersal Ozdemir, who is seeking approval from the state legislature calling for the public funding of a nearly $100 million soccer stadium for his minor league soccer team after just one season of play. Ozdemir's Keystone Group also owns the 47 S. Pennsylvania Street office building. He has served as the finance chairman for the Greater Indianapolis Republican Finance Committee, although he lives in a gated Carmel community up in Hamilton County. He took over that position after Ponzi schemer Tim Durham stepped down as the party's finance chairman.

Republican Council Members Push Approval Of Controversial Criminal Justice Center Project While Key Documents Still Are Being Withheld

The administration of Mayor Greg Ballard has still not made public key documents for the 35-year public-private partnership ("P3") agreement it wants to enter into with WMB Heartland Justice Partners, LLC to construct a new criminal justice center at the site of the former GM Stamping Plant, which could cost taxpayers at least $1.75 billion over the life of the agreement. That includes the proposals submitted by the three competing vendors, scoring information regarding those three proposals, an executed agreement with the P3 vendor, and a financial analysis demonstrating that the use of a P3 is a financially better model for Marion County taxpayers than a traditional publicly-financed and constructed project. Nonetheless, all of the Republican council members except for Councilor Christine Scales, are pushing for immediate approval of the costly, long-term deal despite the absence of key information required to evaluate what on earth it is on which they are voting based on artificial deadlines set by an administration this blog has demonstrably proven engaged in a rigged bidding process.

“Council Republicans just filed the new Justice Center Proposal w all 13 Republicans sponsoring,” Minority Leader Mike McQuillen wrote on his Twitter account. "No more time 4 Democrat stalling! #Progress." As an illustration of just how biased and inaccurate the reporting is by the Indianapolis Star's city beat reporter, check out how Brian Eason opens his story:
After weeks of inaction by the City-County Council on a proposed criminal justice center, Republicans are pushing the plan forward, whether Indianapolis’ Democratic majority is ready or not.  
Democrats in December announced that they would delay a vote on the massive public project until their probe of a controversial Regional Operations Center lease had concluded. 
But facing deadlines that the administration says could threaten the project’s financing, 13 Republican council members on Friday sponsored a measure to introduce the proposal at the council’s Feb. 9 meeting . . . 
First of all, how can the reporter accuse the Democratic-led council of "weeks of inaction" when the administration is still blocking access to all of the critical information the council would require in order to consider the complex and costly 35-year agreement, which will consume close to $50 million a year of the city-county budget when the complex opens for business? If someone is trying to sell you a new home and the seller refuses to provide you a written contract and allow you to independently inspect the home and otherwise carry out the necessary due diligence, is it your fault as the buyer that a closing on the sale of the home hasn't occurred?

Would it also not seem logical to tie up loose ends on the investigation of the costly Regional Operations Center, particularly since the same administration trying to sell the council on the criminal justice center project has stonewalled the administration for more than a year in turning over key information the council needs in order to determine why Marion County taxpayers got taken to the cleaners by entering into a long-term credit-tenant financing agreement that left no outs for the county after it was discovered the building wasn't suited for its intended purpose? It was only recently that we discovered the administration's claim that the city had no other choice than to build the ROC to comply with its agreement with the NFL to host the Super Bowl in 2012 was an outright fabrication.

It is the height of hypocrisy for the Indianapolis Star to bash Gov. Mike Pence's administration the way it did this past week for its efforts to create a centralized news agency website to allow the public easier access to a wealth of information emanating from dozens of state agencies when this newspaper seems to care so little about transparency in any number of governmental decisions, whether it be public financing for a new sports stadium and hundreds of millions in subsidies for their billionaire sports team owners, or the ROC and the criminal justice center project, all of which the newspaper's editorial writers endorsed site unseen with nothing more than a cursory review that largely regurgitated the talking points of those who benefited financially from these public transactions.

The Gannett-owned Indianapolis Star has forfeited the public's confidence altogether. Many like to condemn the political bias of the newspaper's former owners, but at least the Pulliam family required its reporters to dig and dig until every possible stone was overturned on any number of major public matters regardless of the opinions of the editorial page writers. Reporting by the Star's reporters today merely reflect the narrow-minded views of the newspaper's top management, who are made up entirely of out-of-state transplants who have few long-term ties to the community and share few, if any of its values.

IPS Board Member's Charter School Paying $100 Referral Fees To Boost Enrollment

The education profiteers now control every single member of the Indianapolis Public School system's board thanks to the hundreds of thousands of dollars the out-of-state interests pumped into the past two elections to purchase seats for candidates they supported. One of those members is newcomer LaNier Echols, who is the acting principal of Carpe Diem charter school on North Meridian Street. The Chalkbeat blog has a disturbing story discussing how the school recently paid $100 referral fees to boost its enrollment.

The state-funded charter schools' enrollment includes many children from low-income families. According to Chalkbeat, Carpe Diem offered $100 gift cards to persons who provided student referrals to help the school boost its enrollment 40 students by February. That was in addition to money the school spent marketing itself through open houses, distributing fliers to parents and day care centers and TV and radio appearances. Critics are concerned the referral fees lead parents to make less than rational choices when choosing the school to send their children. Echols was unapologetic about the incentives paid for referrals.
People are more excited to do something where they get something out of it,” Echols said. “Parents are like, ‘Oh I do have a cousin that was looking for a school.’ It’s just to encourage people.” 
But she said she is confident offering a gift card wasn’t the reason the school ultimately exceeded its enrollment goals. Two more Carpe Diem campuses are slated to open this fall in Indianapolis, each aiming to eventually enroll 300 students. Carpe Diem combines traditional classroom instruction with online lessons. 
“We are a blended learning school and that’s what parents love about it,” Echols said. “We have children coming from everywhere, not because of the gift cards, but because we’re offering something different. We are filling a niche.”
Read the rest of the story at Chalkbeat by clicking here.

Thursday, January 29, 2015

McCain Calls Protesters Low-Life Scum For Protesting War Criminal Henry Kissinger

If you had to pick a list of the ten most evil men in the world deserving of being executed for the great war crimes they've committed against world humanity, Henry Kissinger would rank near the top. Sen John McCain insults our nation by bringing the war criminal to the Senate to testify. Here are some of Kissinger's more infamous quotes that reveal his true character:
"The elderly are useless eaters." -- Henry Kissinger, quoted in the book The Final Days 
"Military men are 'dumb, stupid animals to be used' as pawns for foreign policy." -- Henry Kissinger, quoted in the book The Final Days 
"Depopulation should be the highest priority of foreign policy towards the third world, because the US economy will require large and increasing amounts of minerals from abroad, especially from less developed countries." -- Henry Kissinger, National Security Memo 200, dated April 24, 1974 
"Today Americans would be outraged if U.N. troops entered Los Angeles to restore order; tomorrow they will be grateful. This is especially true if they were told there was an outside threat from beyond, whether real or promulgated, that threatened our very existence. It is then that all peoples of the world will plead with world leaders to deliver them from this evil. The one thing every man fears is the unknown. When presented with this scenario, individual rights will be willingly relinquished for the guarantee of their well being granted to them by their world government." -- Henry Kissinger, speaking at Evian, France, May 21, 1992 Bilderburg meeting. Unbeknownst to Kissinger, his speech was taped by a Swiss delegate to the meeting. 
“The emigration of Jews from the Soviet Union is not an objective of American foreign policy, and if they put Jews into gas chambers in the Soviet Union, it is not an American concern. Maybe a humanitarian concern.”
"Power is the ultimate aphrodisiac." -- Henry Kissinger, quoted in the book The Final Days

Pence Nixes JustIn State-Run News Site

Well, that didn't take long.

TO: All Agency Heads
FROM: Governor Mike Pence
DATE: January 29, 2015

From the outset of this administration you have heard me emphasize the importance of integrity and accountability to the public, and I am grateful for the manner that each of you has worked to serve the people of Indiana with transparency and a servant’s heart.

As you are aware, concern has arisen regarding the development of a new website for the state of Indiana.

However well intentioned, after thorough review of the preliminary planning and careful consideration of the concerns expressed, I am writing to inform you that I have made a decision to terminate development of the JustIN website immediately.

The original intent of this project was to make press releases more readily available in a onestop website for the convenience of the press and the public. At present, approximately 50 of the 90 executive branch state agencies and commissions post press releases on the state's current public calendar website ( This results in the press and the public having to visit multiple sources to stay informed about state activities.

Therefore, rather than developing a new website, I have instructed the Office of Information Technology update the current public calendar website to ensure that the press and the public have unfiltered and convenient access to all press releases and public meeting notices. The updated calendar will be fully automated and designed to post all press releases and public meeting notices in real time.

Accordingly, effective immediately, I am directing you to instruct your communications office to work with the Office of Information Technology to ensure that all press releases and public notices issued from your agency are properly displayed on this public calendar and press releases website.

It is a great privilege for us to serve the people of Indiana and I am grateful every day to serve with men and women like you who share my determination to do so integrity, servant leadership and accountability.

Thank you for your cooperation.


Michael R. Pence
Governor of Indiana

Louisville Minor League Baseball Stadium Modified For Professional Soccer Play

Here's another one of those stories the Indy Eleven and their propagandists in the Indianapolis media don't want you to read about as they set about to pick your pockets to the tune of nearly $100 million to build Ersal Ozdemir's minor league soccer team an extravagant, 18,500-seat stadium. Our neighbors to the south in Louisville are home to the USL Pro soccer team, Louisville City FC, which plays in a professional soccer league where team franchises draw crowds that rival Indy Eleven's North American MLS league. Guess where the Louisville City FC will be playing? How about the Louisville Bats Triple A Minor League baseball stadium. That's right. They're modifying Louisville Slugger Field, which seats a little over 13,000 fans:
Louisville Slugger Field is preparing for a new tenant.
The home of the Louisville Bats will become the home of the Louisville City FC soccer club beginning in March, meaning big changes at the 15 year old stadium.
The stadium’s grounds crew is preparing a special synthetic field turf that will cover the base paths during soccer games and is installing a mechanical mound that can be lowered with the push of a button. Groundskeepers say they aren't concerned about the field's Bermuda grass surface being torn up by soccer games but say they will keep a close eye on it.
The staff says they are working through full rehearsals of the changeover in the off-season and say it will all be done in less than 24 hours once the season starts.

Gannett-Owned Star Treats Online Subscribers To Pornographic Images Of Chippendales Performers

The Chippendales website states that the men perform
Eugene Pulliam is turning over in his grave. The Gannett-owned Indianapolis Star online edition at features a photo gallery of mostly-naked and bulging Chippendales male performers from a recent show at Old National. It's just a reflection of big media's overt effort to Kardashianize culture in America and keep the masses distracted while the elites plunder our nation.

Elites Planning Their Getaway

Private jet landing in the Alps
The global political and business elitists are gathered in the ski resort community of Davos, Switzerland for the World Economic Forum to discuss how to continue the stranglehold they have on the world's wealth at the expense of the masses. High on their agenda is apparently having a getaway plan when the masses finally decide they've had enough of the growing income inequality. From The Guardian:
With growing inequality and the civil unrest from Ferguson and the Occupy protests fresh in people’s mind, the world’s super rich are already preparing for the consequences. At a packed session in Davos, former hedge fund director Robert Johnson revealed that worried hedge fund managers were already planning their escapes. “I know hedge fund managers all over the world who are buying airstrips and farms in places like New Zealand because they think they need a getaway,” he said.
Johnson, who heads the Institute of New Economic Thinking and was previously managing director at Soros, said societies can tolerate income inequality if the income floor is high enough. But with an existing system encouraging chief executives to take decisions solely on their profitability, even in the richest countries inequality is increasing. 
Johnson added: “People need to know there are possibilities for their children – that they will have the same opportunity as anyone else. There is a wicked feedback loop. Politicians who get more money tend to use it to get even more money.”
"Politicians who get more money tend to use it to get more even more money." How true.

Someone was complaining at the Indianapolis City-County Council meeting the other night that our part-time council members are paid too little and should get a big pay raise. Au contraire. Chicago pays its full-time aldermen $108,000 a year. According to the Chicago Tribune, many still have other jobs from which they supplement their income. A story today says Alderman Michelle Smith earns $72,000 working for a non-profit foundation. The foundation's tax return listed her as a full-time employee, which the foundation's trust fund baby founders, Tim and Helen Meier, now say was a mistake. Those same multi-millionaires have contributed $373,000 to Smith's campaign committee. Smith says she just does a little work for the foundation in her spare time. The only purpose of the foundation is to award three grants annually of $33,000 each to mid-career artists. It's good work if you can get it.

On the issue of civil unrest, here's video footage from a brawl that erupted at a St. Louis city council meeting just last night after the president of the police union got into a shoving match with a woman after he concluded a heated exchange with a council committee chairman during a discussion of a civilian police oversight board.

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Ozdemir Returns To State House Seeking Approval Of $100 Million Soccer Stadium Heist

The Indiana General Assembly is too often nothing more than a public auction where prostitutes masquerading as lawmakers hang out their shingles, making it a perfect place for a shadowy Turkish immigrant businessman to swoop in with high-paid lobbyists to pass legislation allowing him to capture nearly $100 million of your state tax dollars to build a new, multi-purpose soccer stadium for his Indy Eleven minor league soccer team with only one season under its belt, which he will get to use exclusively for his own profit-making purposes, while taxpayers are stuck footing the bill for the expense of maintaining it just like the billionaire NFL and NBA team owners whose teams play in Lucas Oil Stadium and Banker's Life Fieldhouse on our dime.

Indiana lawmakers have no idea what Ersal Ozdemir's background back in Turkey was or just where the hell all of the money is coming from to finance his ambitious endeavors as he tosses big money around everywhere he goes. What we know is that a little more than a decade ago he was broke and facing a number of lawsuits for unpaid bills and now he's touted as having deep pockets. The man claims he was mentored by convicted Ponzi schemer Tim Durham's mentor, the late Beurt SerVaas,  a high-ranking OSS officer during World War II and long-time President of the Indianapolis City-County Council who flipped businesses for a living while working covertly as an agent of the Central Intelligence Agency. Ozdemir's meteoric rise in Indiana business and politics closely parallels that of Syrian immigrant Tony Rezko, who started making the Chicago political and business scene as a civil engineer/real estate developer big time in the 1990s and spreading hundreds of millions of dollars around we were told by the late political columnist Robert Novak he got from a corrupt Iraqi billionaire businessman.

Rezko is now sitting in a federal prison after being convicted of multiple public corruption charges, but not before taking down Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich with him and playing a key role in the meteoric political rise of Barack Obama, who was able to buy his mansion on Chicago's south side with the financial assistance of Rezko. We can't help but wonder if Ozdemir has a secret billionaire benefactor in the Middle East with close ties to the CIA just like Rezko. The American people are clueless about the magnitude of the money earned off-the-books by the CIA, which it gets from its heroin and cocaine smuggling operations and illegal arm sales that are laundered through various businesses operated by its intelligence assets, and which makes its way into this country where it is used to subvert the political system for the benefit of a ruling elite that are hell-bent on establishing a fascist dictatorship greater than Hitler's Third Reich.

State Rep. Todd Huston, a Republican lawmaker from Fishers, is sponsoring HB 1273, which would allow the Marion Co. Professional Sports Development Area ("PSDA") to be expanded to capture some unnamed site in downtown Indianapolis far from Huston's suburban Hamilton County district for Ozdemir's envisioned $83 million, 18,500-seat soccer stadium that would be built for multi-purposes, including outdoor concerts, lacrosse, football and other special events, in addition to serving as the home playing venue for his newly-minted Indy Eleven minor league soccer team. HB 1273 would make the Capital Improvement Board responsible for owning and maintaining the publicly-financed stadium. The CIB would be allowed to capture an additional $5 million annually in income and sales taxes generated from within the PSDA and admissions taxes collected on the sale of tickets to events at the stadium. The PSDA is already capturing over $14 million a year in income and sales taxes. Contrary to the claims of the Indy Eleven public relations folks, the capture of these tax dollars takes away money that would otherwise be available to fund state and local services.

Rep. Huston is not sponsoring HB 1273 alone. He has other Marion County legislators who have signed on as co-sponsors, including Reps. Justin Moed (D) and Cindy Kirchhofter (R). Rep. David Ober (R-Albion), who has obviously taken a quicker path than many to the corrupt ways of Indiana State House politics, is doing Ozdemir's bidding as well. Rep. Tim Brown (R-Crawfordsville), the chairman of the House Ways & Means Committee says he wants Ozdemir to have some skin in the game. Last year, he allowed the legislation to sail through his committee and the full House with very little public discussion before it was killed in the Senate. We know what counts as skin in the game. Ozdemir gets to sell the naming rights for an arena built with our taxpayer dollars and claim those revenues as his contribution to the arena's cost.

The fiscal analysis prepared by LSA's Heath Holloway is highly suspect. He relies on data from the NFL, NBA and Minor League Baseball as if those are remotely comparable to this fledgling minor league soccer franchise, as well as data he got from Indy Elven. Despite lies contained in press releases from Indy Eleven repeated as fact by our useless local media, Indy Eleven DID NOT SELL OUT EVERY HOME GAME LAST SEASON. Force the liars to reveal how many free tickets they were giving away to every game, and show us the images of the gaping holes at many of the team's home games at the more than adequate Carroll Stadium, not to mention the large sections of seating blocked off by banners at every game.

While an 18,500-seat arena is being built, the fiscal analysis assumes a stadium with a capacity of 12,000, or about 1,500 more than Indy Eleven falsely claims attended each home game last year. Holloway's analysis claims a 10% admission tax could generate up to $519,000 annually, which would assume over $5 million annually in ticket sales. It's interesting that the fiscal analysis for this stadium funding legislation assumes that it will generate nearly the exact $5 million the Indianapolis Motor Speedway was estimated to generate to pay debt service on the $100 million the state is issuing in bonds to finance improvements for the privately-owned race track and related facilities.  

The only thing we know for certain is that there will be no critical analysis by the media in this state of the latest public heist for the benefit of yet another sports endeavor. When it comes to promoting anything related to sports, they're only capable of putting out press releases for the sports team owners and their rent-a-civic leader friends. Indiana lawmakers only care about helping people who are stuffing money in their campaign pockets, and Ersal Ozdemir has learned that trade quite well in the short time he's been a U.S. citizen just like Tony Rezko learned too well before his friends in high places threw him under the bus.
Ersal Ozdemir (Indianapolis Star/Danese Kenon Photo)

Please read my previous post on the soccer stadium deal that Indy Eleven's Peter Wilt helped put together for the Chicago Fire, which has left taxpayers in Cook County's Bridgeview community reeling after it never came close to living up to expectations. It's the story the Indianapolis media doesn't want the public here to know about.

Another Lawmaker Caught Self-Dealing Backtracks

Rep. Eric Allan Koch
State Rep. Eric Koch (R-Bedford), an attorney by trade, chairs the House Energy Committee. According to his statement of economic interest, he has a financial stake in 28 oil and gas companies, including some with operations in Indiana. The Indianapolis Star's Tony Cook raised questions about legislation Rep. Koch is sponsoring to prohibit local units of government with home rule powers from regulating or prohibiting oil and gas exploration, or production activities, including anything related to hydraulic fracturing or horizontal drilling. Rep. Koch initially insisted his legislative action did not violate House Ethics Rules. On second thought, Rep. Koch has decided to withdraw the legislation because it had become a "distraction." Koch is a member of the House Ethics Committee, which just voted to tighten up ethics rules.